Built by RI’s Career & Tech students as part of a massive collaboration involving over 20 programs and 300 students, this interactive experience will teach you how to save energy! Come take part, ask questions, the students will be there to help you learn!

Here is a list of the showcase features, it is located in the Energy Expo area in the convention center concourse.

Display Vignettes are as follows:


1) Hot water heaters

On display will be an OLD electric hot water heater as compared to a new Electric Heat Pump unit.  Stats and understanding of the energy efficiency in using these units will be the presentation along with rebate information.   This feature was built by the South Kingstown Students!


2) Window A/C's vs. a Mini split

This display will compare an actual Window AC units vs a modern Mini Split system – both will be installed and operating and will include an Amp Meter to show the wattage usage.  This feature was built by the Providence Career and Tech Academy!


3) Insulation

This will be a display with open framing and finished walls demonstrating 2 types of insulation and their energy efficiencies.  One will display regular insulation, the other blown in insulation with clear glass to show it installed. This feature was built by Chariho’s Career & Tech Students!


4) Insulated receptacles/switches/and 
recessed lights vs. non insulated

This display will have a blower system behind the wall with ribbons hanging from the lights etc. to show how the ribbons move simulating a draft in the non insulated boxes vs. the insulated ones. This feature was built by the Warwick Career & Tech Students!


5) Electric Clothes Dryers

This display will have an Old Electric dryer vs a new Energy Efficient Dryer

The stats and differences vs. both types will be illustrated and rebate information will be available.  This display was built by South Kingstown Career and Tech Students!


6) Old Fridge with dirty coils and fans
vs. a new Energy Star Fridge

This display will compare a new Energy Star fridge against an Old fridge.  An Amp meter will show the wattage used and info and stats will be presented to explain the differences between these appliances.  Rebate info and the free pick up service from Nat Grid will be available.  The Providence Career & Tech Students built this feature.


7) Regular door vs. having a storm door

This display will feature how having a storm door can save energy – it will be built by the Chariho Career & Tech Students!


8) Wi-Fi thermostats vs. traditional

Display showing benefits and features of having Wireless thermostats vs a more traditional product.  This feature is built by the Providence Career & Tech Academy!


9) Led lighting vs. regular bulbs

This feature will have a Voltage meter to show the wattage use difference between LED lighting and traditional light bulbs.  An interactive hand crank devise or bike will be used to show the energy needed to create power.  This feature was built by the Warwick Career & Tech Students!


10) Blower Door Display

This feature will illustrate how a house is tested for energy efficiency.

Info/Stats to show why it is done and the impact it has on efficiency will be presented.  This feature was created by the Providence Career & Tech Academy!


11) Demonstration on energy saving power strips

This feature will show the effects of items not running but yet are still plugged in vs. what happens when a new strip system is used.  Alexa may help with this feature, which was built by the Warwick Career & Tech Students!


Thursday, April 4

12pm - 9pm

Friday, April 5

12pm - 9pm

Saturday, April 6

10am - 9pm

Sunday, April 7

10am - 5pm