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Smartflower, the world’s first all-in-one solar electric system, with its award winning design, is now entering the North American market after a very successful launch in Europe. Smartflower automatically fans out its solar petals at sunrise to face the sun at a 90-degree angle throughout the day and then closes as the sun sets. The solar petals follow the sun throughout the day using GPS based dual axis tracking to maximize solar energy yield. As a result, smartflower produces up to 40% more output than static solar arrays, making smartflower the equivalent to a 4-5 kW rooftop system


In winds higher than 40 mph, the petals automatically fold in and stow away, leaving a fully shuttered unit that will withstand hurricane level conditions. Lastly, smartflower units with storage provide remote monitoring, allowing the owner to access by any smart device at any time of day a wealth of data about the unit’s power generation and use.

Smartflower is a fully integrated solar solution that can be installed in few hours in most conditions.





Thursday, April 5

12pm - 9pm

Friday, April 6

12pm - 9pm

Saturday, April 7

10am - 9pm

Sunday, April 8

10am - 5pm



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